Dried Oysters (Large) 100g | 蚝干 (大) 100g | Hao Gan

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Dried Oysters (Large) | 蚝干 (大) | Hao Gan

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Our Korean dried oysters are the essential ingredient in a Cantonese household. They impart a unique umami flavour that will sure to delight. Add them to bittergourd soups or plain rice porridge, the possibilities are endless! They will sure to elevate your meals.

Country of origin: Korea 

100 g per pack

Please store in freezer compartment.

Ideal for:

- Soups

- Porridge


How to prepare:

1. Quick rinse the oysters

2. Fill a bowl of water and soak the oysters for 15 minutes.

3. Drain the water after 15 minutes and oysters are ready for cooking.

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