Thick Fish Maw| 花膠

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Thick Fish Maw| 厚花膠

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One of the most prized ingredients used in Chinese cooking, the fish maw is a healthy and fat-free source of collagen.

Our thick fish maw comes from the finest selected maws originating from the Indian Ocean area.

The maws are packed with collagen with no fishy smell at all, making it a perfect addition to slow cooked stews and double boiled soups.

How to use:

Scald the fish maw pieces with hot water.

Soak the clean maws in a clean bowl with clean/distilled/bottled water.

Leave to soak until completely soft (usually around 24hrs)

During the soaking, place fish maw pieces in the fridge covered to prevent contaminants from getting to them and making them turn bad.

After soak, do a last clean off of any debris or membrane stuck on the fish maw.

Fish maw is now ready to be added into any tonic soups or broths.

We can cut the fish maw into smaller pieces, just select the option before carting the item in. Thank you!

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