Red Dates Tea| 红枣茶

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Red Dates Tea Package| 红枣茶配套

  • $195.00

Price for 30 packets

To be taken everyday during confinement.

How to prepare Red Dates Tea:

1. Rinse and wash contents in red dates tea pack.

2. Fill a pot with 2 litres of water and add the red dates tea pack in.

3. Turn the flame on to high and bring water to a boil.

4. Turn the flame down to medium-low and continue simmering tea for 1 hour.

5. Pour red dates tea into a thermal flask and consume it throughout the day.

(We strongly recommend consuming the red dates tea warm.)


  1. 将材料清洗干净。
  2. 倒2公升的水和红枣茶包进锅里。
  3. 开大火,把水煮至沸腾・。
  4. 关中小火,继续煮一个小时。
  5. 把煮好的红枣茶倒进保温杯里,在一天之内慢慢享用。


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