• Wild ginseng

    To strengthen the heart and build up the immune system and increase the body resistance to infections. Good for nourishing a weak heart and is extremely beneficial for recuperating after a surgical operation.

  • American ginseng

    To energise and improve stamina and concentration, especially useful for students studying long hours for exams and working professionals.

  • American wild ginseng

    American wild ginseng is collected from American forests and produced under stringent quality control. American wild ginseng refreshes qi, reduces heaty, helps recovering from illness and enhances body resistance.

  • Codonopsis pilosula

    Products from Gansu, China. Codonopsis pilosula is commonly used in soup, it helps rejuvenating qi, spleen and blood.

  • Korean red ginseng

    To strengthen the heart and improve physical health, particularly for those who feel lethargic and those who easily get tired and have marked cold intolerance with chronically cold hands and feet.

  • Cordyceps

    To strengthen the lung and improve bodily strength, especially those suffering from long bouts of cough and flu, excessive urination and backaches.

  • Fish maw

    Fish maw is made from sun-dried stomach of a type of fish, it nourishes all the five organs, namely the heart, lung, liver, kidney and spleen. It also restores the lung and eliminates cough. For those with persistent cough and those with a dry throat without sputum or even those blood in the sputum, fish maw is very effective as it restores the lungs.

  • Male fish maw

    From the prolific fish from Japan, Burma, Indonesia and other countries, male fish maw tastes particularly good, contains the collagen-rich protein, is specially good for the lungs, kidneys and skin.

  • Abalone

    Abalone is a valuable sea product that is good for the eye related problems like dry eyes, blur vision or recovery from a cataract eye operation.

  • Japanese scallop

    One of the famous seafood of Japan, produced from a beautiful environment sea water of Hokkaido, the taste is extremely delicious. Japanese scallop is good for spleen, and is most suitable for children with poor appetite, nutritional imbalance, muscle and other issues.

  • Dendrobium huoshanense

    Produced in Anhui, China, from previous wild raw material. Dendrobium huoshanense improves liver, nourishes hepatorenal function.

  • Sea Coconut

    Sourced from various areas in Africa, these are precious and rare. Sea coconuts cure cough, chest pain, breath difficulty. Sea coconuts have good overall curative effect as well.

  • Sea Cucumber

    Ideal for restoration of bodily strength and reducing high blood cholesterol levels.

  • Bird’s nest

    To restore and rejuvenate the lungs, bird’s nest is beneficial for long bouts of cough and those seeking medical treatment and pregnant women.

  • Cow stone

    Cow stone is the cow’s gallstone that promotes gall bladder function and controls convulsion and cools the heart.

  • Monkey stone

    Monkey stone is the gallstone of the monkey, used especially for infants and young children who often have coughs and salivate a lot, as well as for asthmatic patients. To remove phloem and stop coughs.

  • Pearl

    To transquilise and calm, as well as to cool heatiness, improve vision and eliminate poision.

  • Antelope’s horn

    To strengthen the body’s resistance to cold and restore blood.

  • Dong Gui

    To restore and mediate blood, to regulate menses and stop pain, also to moisten dryness and lubricate intestines.

  • Stomach Reliever

    From secret family recipe, our stomach reliever is composed by 20 types of previous herbs and materials. Useful to cure gastric diseases, stomach ache, appetite loss.

  • Dong Gui

    Produced from the best of Shaanxi and Gansu, China. Dong Gui is good for female reproductive system, regulate menstruation, invigorate blood to relive sickness.

  • American deep-sea top shell

    Produced from the United States deep-sea, deep-sea top shell is delicious, can be used with other herbs with soup or stew, is very good for spleen, eyesight and kidney.

  • Pien Tze Huang

    To suppress and reduce swelling and prevent infections as well as to eliminate poison.

  • Tienchi

    It nourishes the blood and eliminates solidification and stagnation of blood. It has also been recently discovered in modern medical studies that Tienchi can lower cholesterol levels and improve blood circulation.