Future of TCM

The Future of Chinese medical and Chinese herb

Traditional Chinese Medicine
Traditional Chinese Medicine

The usage of Chinese herbs and medication is currently growing in popularity in Singapore. Therefore, it is foreseeable that the future of Chinese medicine and herbs is indeed promising.

However, in the Chinese medical society, some undesirable consequences arise as a result of unqualified practitioners of the trade.

In order to protect the interests of those who seek Chinese medical services, we are working together with the government to set up a council of highly qualified members of the Chinese medical trade. This council is responsible for scanning and selecting physicians who have to meet a set of standards set by the council. This will ensure that all practicing physicians are qualified to treat patients and at the same time, meet the most stringent standards.

Ultimately, this would build up confidence in Chinese medicine and bring about numerous benefits.

An evolving trend in the field of medical treatment is the concept of “East-meets-West”. The east form of medication has a long history and the knowledge and experience that has been accumulated by our forefathers spanning many decades, while Western medication is advanced and is equipped with the latest developments through continual research and development.

Therefore, the fusion of East and West is certainly a powerful combination that is set to bring tremendous benefits to all who seek this form of medical treatment.