About Us

Teck Soon Medical Hall

Teck Soon Medical Hall Pte Ltd, a family-run company, was established in 1967, co-founded by the managing director’s father. It started out from its humble beginnings as a small shop located in Sago Street before relocating its premises in 1969 to South Bridge Road, that is currently its main branch.

As a result of our company’s excellent services at reasonable rates, we have more than 3000 regular customers, some who buy in large quantities at special discounts. Apart from mid range and higher-priced exotic products, specially priced quality products are also offered to draw more customers to the shop.

Meanwhile, the company also contributes heavily to the society in return. Organisations it has donated include the Center of Activity and Care for Elders, the Singapore Cultural Society and the Singapore Armed Forces (Veteran League).

For any further queries, please do not hesitate to contact us. We will be most willing to provide answers to any problems you may have.

Key Personnel

Teck Soon Medical Hall

The key personnel consists of Chow Khai Shui, the managing director, Chow Khai Cheng and Chow Khai Lam, both directors.

Each of the five branches is taken care of individually by family members. Due to the fact that the family has been involved in the business since young, we have accumulated vast experience and knowledge in this line of business.

Our managing director is a qualified practitioner who was the 20th batch to graduate from the Singapore Chinese Physicians Training School in 1985. He is also a member of the Association for promoting Chinese medicines, has been a member of the Singapore Chinese Physician Association since 1986. Having received numerous invitations from the then Singapore Broadcasting Corporation (now Television Corporation of Singapore), his credits include appearing on various television programmes to promote and impart his knowledge on herbs and their uses.